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Upcoming Jaco Pastorius Project & box-set !!

Pat Metheny once said: "When i got back in march (1996), I went to Florida for a week to work with the Pastorius family on a special project, they are putting together about Jaco."

It's now year 2001, and the kids of Jaco have started up a new website - it's still not quite developed, but there's a lot of planning going on. Among other things a double CD containing previously unpublished material and multimedia. Pat Metheny is involved and a friend of Jaco from the early years. So check out this site:

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Read interview with Jaco from Downbeat (1977)  Click here!

Breaking news on Jaco's last night:

Danish musician/composer/producer Kasper Winding told me a short story recently. Kasper has been playing (mostly drums and percussion) with almost everybody within danish music. Including world famous bass player Niels Henning Ørsted Pedersen (NHØP).

September 11, 1987: Jaco jumps onstage during a Santana concert in Fort Lauderdale and is actually thrown down right on his face by stage-hands, who don't recognize him at all.

Later in the evening danish bass player Niels Henning is going to play in another place in town. Outside the place Niels Henning suddenly finds a person lying on the ground and clinging to his legs (!!) and praising him for his great bass-playing. Niels Henning is a quiet and modest man, and he gets quite surprised - but he also realize, that it's Jaco (!!) with the bass in the right hand, who is actually lying there.

Jaco really begs to get with him inside and hear the concert.

Later that same night Jaco tries to enter another place and gets into this fight with a doorman, which finally gets him - and he dies after 9 days in coma.

.... Kasper Winding also told about Jaco's relationship to Toots Thielemans. Toots has been playing the harmonica on a couple of Kasper's things. At the time when Toots was pretty ill (he was going "stiff" in the upper part of the body) Jaco called him on the phone EVERY day and cried into the phone, that he should pick up the harmonica and play again. Sometimes he played the bass to him on the phone ... Toots never forgot that.

Weather Report - new live release (1999) ??

Joe Zawinul himself has told in an interview, that SONY Music plans to release a double-CD with previously unreleased material !! Can it be done ??

YES ... it can be done. The CD's was released i 2002 (Columbia/Lagacy 508058 2) - and it's a great party, celebrating all the thrilling tracks of WR !!

"Mingus" by Joni Mitchell

Regarding Jaco, (Charles) Mingus was strongly opposed to Joni using Jaco (or any electric instruments) on her planned "Mingus" project. Joni did record several tracks for "Mingus" that were never released, including tracks with Eddie Gomez and Stanley Clarke on acoustic bass.

She explained in the liner notes: "I was trying to please Charlie and still be true to myself." She ended up using Jaco. She felt Mingus' objections were based on his hatred of the loud volume of electric instruments. But Jaco had not only the complete dynamic control, but a real sensitivity and expressiveness that perhaps Mingus didn't know could exist on an electric bass guitar.

What Other Musicians Say About Jaco Pastorius

  • "Jaco had that magical thing about him, the same kind of thing Jimi Hendrix had." Joe Zawinul (founder of Weather Report)

  • "As a kid, I was playing six hours a day and felt very confident about my playing. And then I heard Jaco, and he turned my head around."

  • "Hearing `Donna Lee' on Jaco's first album changed my life."
    John Patitucci (bassist)

  • "When I heard Jaco's first record, I couldn't believe it. He was playing more on the bass than anybody ever had--the rhythm, the notes, the quality of his lines. And it wasn't just a matter of technique. There was something so special about it."
    John Scofield (guitarist)

  • "I got my basic education from listening to Jaco's records. I can't even put into words how much he influenced me."
    Marcus Miller (bassist)

  • "Jaco will definitely go down in history as one of the cats."
    Stanley Clarke (bassist)

  • "There's bass before Jaco and thre's bass after Jaco !!"
    One of the guys from C.C. Rider

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