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E-mails from other Jaco-fans (Thanx !!)

September 99

Hi Noah, very fine Jaco site - I like it almost better than mine !

Thomas Kober, Austria (postom@straschil.com)

PS: later on I got a videotape from Thomas containing Jaco and Weather Report live stuff - and Thomas got a cassette from me with danish jazzfusion music - the danish bands ENTRANCE and THE END.

October 99

James Wheeler writes:

hi !!

Very good Jaco site .... very impressed! Try my attempt ! (link to it if you like ?!) http://www.jimsjazzmag.co.uk/jaco.htm
Main Entrance: http://www.jimsjazzmag.co.uk

Cheers Jim

17. october 98, from J. Gerren, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (US)

Hello Soren

Thanks for putting together your website homage to Jaco Pastorius. It was a very nice way to spend a Saturday morning.

I'm originally from Ft. Lauderdale, Fl which was Jaco's hometown. I first became aware of him one Saturday in the Fall of 1976 when a friend and I were driving and listening to an R&B radio station when they announced a guest in the studio, a local bassist with a record coming out etc. etc. It was Jaco and for the next hour or so they interviewed him and played cuts from his first solo album. My friend and I were both blown away by this music and went directly to a record store and bought copies.

Though it's been over twenty years now, I recall the interviewer asking Jaco how he got so many big Jazz stars to be on his first record. Jaco said that his producer hooked him up with Herbie Hancock and from there they just called in the right people to get the job done. He sounded relaxed and very confident.

Growing up down there we used to constantly hear about Jaco showing up and gigging with local musicians like Othello, Marc Colby, Randy Bernsen or extended stays at a small jazz club called the Musician's Exchange (a tiny little dive in a run down section of town that was always packed and somehow brought in great players all the time).

Apparently he was quite prolific in the South Florida area for some time before he became a phenomenon because you could always hear stories about him. A music instructor at a local college told me about a wedding reception he was supposed to play and Jaco showed up at the last minute and played drums.

A drummer at one of the local jazz clubs said they all got drunk one night and somehow it ended up that Jaco was riding on the hood of a car going down Las Olas Blvd at about 70 miles per hour. Another story was from this guy who grew up in the same neighborhood as the Pastorius family. He remembered being introduced to Jaco by his brother. His brother bragged that Jaco could play a tune on any instrument you hand him - and then got him to prove it.

So, thanks again for your very nice website.

Best Wishes,

J. Gerren (JGerren@aol.com)

21. december 98, from Christian Heymel, Germany

Hi Soren,
itīs really a quite nice homepage on Jaco that you put together, my respect.

As you are such a great fan of Jaco, I think you share a lot of info about him. Especially me, Iīm looking for the announced double-CD-Compilation "Portrait of Jaco - The early years" - which came out or is still to come out at "Holiday Park Records".

Also a point of interest would be the recording of "Curtain Call" ("Just Another Hit/FM Records")

In Germany itīs impossible to get these recordings - even at www.jpc.de - one of the best record stores in here. Possibly itīs already available in the USA, but I still havenīt found what Iīm looking for...(e.g. www.cdnow.com)

How about in Denmark or Scandinavia? Iīd be glad for every hint in your Re!

All the best wishes for you,
Remember Jaco

;-) Christian (christian.heymel@rz.uni-osnabrueck.de)

I discovered this "note" in the guestbook of my older site - thank you Franck !!

Visitor's Name: Franck Brousseau (fbrousseau@aol.com)

Homepage URL: http://www.ifrance.com/Jacofan/jacovideo.htm

You are from: France

Comments: Great site !! It's my second favorite site after the Yuichi Myakawa from Japan. Very good work ! My Jaco Web Site coming soon !

Sign Time: March 23 1999 at 16:40:19


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