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Singles (for radio play)

1976 Joni Mitchell - Coyote/Blue Motel Room

1977 Weather Report - Birdland (3:45 version)/Teen Town

1977 Weather Report - Birdland (3:45 version)/Palladium

1977 Weather Report - Birdland (3:45 version)/The Juggler

1977 Joni Mitchell - Jericho/(? B side)

1978 Weather Report - River People/Birdland (3:45 version)

1978 Weather Report - River People/The Pursuit Of The Woman With The Feathered Hat

1996 and 1997 National Public Radio broadcast: "We Remember Jaco!" The Jaco Pastorius Word of Mouth Big Band from the 1982 performance at the Kool Jazz Festival, New York. Jaco talks briefly with journalist Conrad Silvert. Part of NPR's "JazzSet" series, hosted by Branford Marsalis This concert was originally recorded for broadcast as part of NPR's "Jazz Alive" series, hosted by Ben Sidran.

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